We are thrilled to introduce Pinhole, a new, enhanced video experience designed to reveal your brand with cinematic mystique. 

Pinhole layers a cutout of your brand logo (or icon of choice) over your video and while the user scrolls, your logo expands into your video.

It gives the user a glimpse of your video, compelling the user to pay more attention to the screen and scroll to see additional footage.

More Choices to Engage Your Audiences

Pinhole is designed for better completion rates and more user engagement.

You can use it creatively in a number of ways, like placing a specific icon over the video for a tentpole event (sports, holidays).

Easy Setup

Easily set up your video in an existing flexplay format, which supports all VAST video demand (or, of course, a manually uploaded mp4 file if desired). 

You can also set up Pinhole PMPs to run your video on our contextual packages or custom audiences. Every PMP is powered by AEROS Attention Analytics – leveraging AI models trained to hit your KPIs.

Pinhole is available through all major DSPs.

To use Pinhole for your next campaign, click here to request a demo or reach out to your sales or account manager.