The newest release from Yieldmo’s innovation lab: Megashopper — an immersive shopping experience. Megashopper format contains a video that opens full screen and continues to play while transporting the viewer to a private store experience. 


Video meets eCommerce

Megashopper runs at the top while the user plays with the Cube Catalog, which displays brand products with calls to action. This combined sensory experience of consuming content while flipping through products connects brands even more closely with their audiences and makes the experience personal and fun.

Designed for Creativity

Use Megashopper in a number of ways – the Cube Catalog is the swipeable feature that displays brand products or chapters below the video for ultimate flexibility to deliver brand messaging.

Some great options:

  • Showcase a video featuring items in the Cube Catalog
  • Showcase a holiday or theme with related items in the Cube Catalog
  • Showcase a collection of items or a closer look at details into one item – each panel can serve as a chapter in the narrative

Megashopper enables brands to tell their best story yet, while spurring action.

Tailored to Today’s Buying Habits

Similar to social media habits today, Megashopper recreates the magic mix of short-form content and the power to engage with the content simultaneously. Scaled to the open web, we bring brands the ability to harness the stream of multi-tasking, fast-paced decision making that consumers revel in today.


Megashopper is not only built to delight, but also built for better completion rates and more user engagement.

  • Easily set up a Megashopper PMP – run on our contextual packages or custom audiences.
  • Every PMP is powered by AEROS Attention Analytics – leveraging AI models trained to hit your KPIs. Use Megashopper’s immersive interactivity to capture more attention data for media optimization.


Megashopper is now available! For more information email us: