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Forbes: The Art Of Precision At Scale

Lisa Bradner leads Yieldmo’s AEROS Attention Analytics. Attention Analytics uses consumer attention signals to improve online advertising. Twentieth-century manufacturing and marketing have operated at scale. Media scaled …

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Yieldmo and Adlandia Podcast Series

Yieldmo has partnered with iHeartPoadcast’s two influential voices of the advertising industry – Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon – for a four-part series on how …

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How Yieldmo’s High-Impact Video helps publishers monetize better

Yieldmo’s outstream video is built to optimize performance in a variety of publisher environments as a result of which the inventory is valued higher. Our …

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What Are Attention Metrics?

In Part 2, we covered some basic Attention Signals. We use these to develop Attention Metrics, which ultimately factor into our AI models. Baseline Attention …

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Introducing Pinhole: A New Enhanced Video Experience

We are thrilled to introduce Pinhole, a new, enhanced video experience designed to reveal your brand with cinematic mystique.  Pinhole layers a cutout of your …

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What are Attention Signals?

In Part 1, we revealed what “Attention” is in the context of advertising and how we can begin to use it to measure effective advertising. …

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