As a business operating in the US today, we have an important role to play in overcoming systemic racism. The last several weeks have made it clear that silence equals complacency, and yet words alone won’t drive the change needed to deconstruct years of oppression and the challenges black Americans face. As an industry, we are positioned to contribute in a more meaningful way by actively directing advertising spend to support black-owned publications that give rise to their voices within our communities.

At Yieldmo we wanted to find a way to contribute to this effort and as our commitment, have identified over 600 million monthly impressions representing black-owned publications and created an easy way for advertisers to ensure their programmatic ad dollars reach them. With this initiative advertisers can allocate digital budgets specifically to these under represented publishers and elevate their brands in the marketplace. We all must do our part in this time of needed change and this is one way we as an industry can partner together and work in solidarity with black business owners. 

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