Yieldmo’s outstream video is built to optimize performance in a variety of publisher environments as a result of which the inventory is valued higher. Our outstream player tech:

  • Ensures video plays at the right time and exhibits proper ad behavior
  • Delivers user-friendly ad experiences in optimized file sizes that do not consume browser memory and bandwidth resources
  • Responds to diverse environments including AMP or in-app dynamically to deliver a seamless user experience and quality ad impressions that advertisers value

Making publisher pages outstream friendly

Yieldmo is constantly upgrading its high impact ad formats to deliver good experiences for publishers and advertisers alike, creating a better advertising marketplace.

For outstream specifically, we have made a large portion of our traffic high-impact video and measurement friendly, including constrained AMP or in-app environments that can impose rigid ‘sandboxed’ controls on ad placements. This can adversely deter legitimate measurement and high-quality ads.

Yieldmo’s was among the first outstream players to work with AMP for high-impact ads. True to our mobile-first heritage, we were able to optimize high-impact units to be delivered in all mobile environments.

On certain pages such as safeframe disabled ones, the default settings sandbox the environment, which means outstream video is blocked or doesn’t play correctly. Our technology ensures proper ad behavior and performance in these placements ensuring that high paying demand continues to value your inventory.

Responding to diverse environments dynamically to deliver seamless user experience

Yieldmo is able to detect and respond to diverse environments dynamically so we can deliver seamless executions at scale. As the open web becomes more unpredictable, it’s important for ad formats to be flexible. Whereas other marketplaces may have a more restrictive whitelist, we were able to work within the constraints of different environments and still deliver a great ad experience.

To learn more about how to improve outstream monetization, email us at bd@yieldmo.com