How Yieldmo Elevates Creative Performance
with Dynamic Format Optimization and AI: Results

Part 3 of 3


In our whitepaper, “Elevating Creative Performance with Dynamic Format Optimization and Artificial Intelligence (AI)” we identify five critical ingredients for building a machine learning (AI) platform to deliver the best format experience for your creative, every time it serves. 

We learned that for every opportunity that exists to serve a creative to a user, there are many possible creative format experiences. The final form of the advertising creative should not be the same in every scenario; it should be a product of the multitude of factors that converge at the moment the user and the creative meet. This is a challenge that AI is well-positioned to solve. 

In this blog series, we’re building on the whitepaper to share how Yieldmo developed an AI/ML system to generate 45% additive KPI performance gains for customers. In this post, we highlight our latest creative technology innovation and share how it drove real results. 

Dynamic Format Optimization (DFO) is the application of machine learning to the real-time creative format challenge

Dynamic Format Optimization allows us to optimize the creative format for each ad opportunity. To lower barriers to entry for this new offering, we transform existing creative assets into programmatic-friendly creative formats called Frictionless Formats and then use Yieldmo’s Smart Curation Engine to select the most performant format in real-time, with no additional lift from the advertiser. For those with a strong creative bent, we can also apply DFO to custom, higher impact format executions. 

Dynamic Format Optimization differs from Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) in that it changes the creative format, or creative presentation layer, rather than the core creative itself. While Dynamic Creative requires a lot of effort from the marketer in the form of complex decision trees, copy adjustments, and additional assets, Dynamic Format Optimization works by transforming the existing creative assets into Frictionless Formats, and uses machine learning to choose the best creative format automatically. Since the optimization happens after the impression is won, Dynamic Format Optimization does not reduce scale [scale often increases because we fill more slot sizes] or affect spend, it simply performs better.

DFO image

Results – it works! It is possible to improve user engagement by using machine learning to deliver the best format experience for advertiser creative every time

After years developing this end-to-end workflow, we uncovered some very interesting findings.

First, exclusively using post-bid optimization for formats (that’s AFTER the DSP has placed their bid) we improve KPI performance by an incremental +45%.

Going one step further, we find if we proactively filter out the ad requests with the lowest predicted engagement, we improve KPI performance by an additional 70%.

For our most robust analysis, check out our campaign with the Ad Council where we increased CTR by 130% over the control group and by 171% when combined with DSP optimization.

Here’s several examples of our success with individual clients across industries:

  • Our first-to-market release with GroupM
  • A major beverage company increased Outstream VCR by over 90% and saw efficient $0.02 Cost per Completed View with DFO
  • Another major beverage company reached its audience in brand safe environments on outstream while beating their Viewability and VCR benchmark, resulting in 150% VCR, 75% attention increases, and a 60% CPM decrease
  • A major online retailer increased its Outstream VCR by over 130% with >80% VCR on Desktop and leading creatives, while enjoying efficient $0.01 Cost Per Completed View
  • A major real estate search provider increased CTR by over 200% while reducing viewable CPM
  • We scaled a top PC brand’s native efforts while boosting performance CTR by 69%
  • A large retailer increased CTR across the board, and by over 80% for DEI targeting while lowering CPC and Attentive CPM 
  • A major pharmaceutical company increased CTR by over 150% on two separate product lines’ campaigns