Picture this: You’re at home watching the latest episode of The Undoing on HBO Max, and it’s getting good! You look over, and your partner is scroll, scroll, scrolling on their phone. You think to yourself, “Is he/she/they even paying attention!?”

In many places in our lives, it’s hard to tell if someone’s actually paying attention.

From follow-up emails about abandoned shopping carts to “you may also like” prompts on future sites, a consumer’s digital footprint can tell a lot about shopping habits and interests, but how can you know if they are actually paying attention to these messages?

Thankfully, when you work with Yieldmo, how consumers interact with your brand messages is no longer a mystery. Yieldmo’s AEROS Attention Analytics helps marketers capture and understand attention behavior in close to realtime. Moreover, it enables brands to utilize these metrics to optimize advertising campaigns.

More specifically, AEROS Attention Analytics gathers and processes the data so quickly that campaigns can activate optimizations in under 15 minutes. By tracking signals when/how a consumer scrolls, tilts, completes a video, or touches an ad unit, it measures how consumers interact with an ad multiple times a second to understand signals of attention: Once it captures what’s working, we deploy machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver better campaign results for no additional investment. And our technology is always working and adapting to identify surprise signals that reveal opportunities marketers hadn’t even thought of.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself: That all sounds good, but what does this look like in-market?

One example on the brand side: a top streaming service wanted to drive quality traffic to their site and improve CTR performance for the launch of their original series. Rather than merely relying on viewability and click data to gauge interest and intent, the client leveraged Yieldmo’s AEROS Attention Analytics to measure attention signals to create a more in-depth picture of users’ interest in the client’s brand. The campaign then showed their attentive audience a creative with a different call to action. By optimizing based on attention signals, AEROS Attention Analytics increased the campaign reach 64X compared to audiences based on traditional strategies. Running the AEROS-optimized campaign resulted in a 39% lift in CTR for the client’s campaign and achieved a 24% CTR than Yieldmo’s format benchmark. Interestingly, CTR improved significantly among users who spent more time with the creative in-view, and the campaign saw a median exposure time of 79% higher.

The benefit isn’t only on the brand side. AEROS Attention Analytics also supports publishers who want to improve monetization, enhance the overall ad experience for their users, and tap into a powerful first-party data set that helps improve KPI performance for high-value campaigns. Through machine learning, we’re able to predict the value of your inventory in real-time and drive KPI success.

But more than short-term campaign improvements, our publishing partners see AEROS Attention Analytics as a long-term investment uncovering insights that ultimately strengthen their business. With a simple measurement tag, you can understand how users are interacting with ads for different verticals. You can also use our attention-catching ad formats; to help users enjoy ads, and – dare we say it – to help your site look even better. It works for all your inventory, with or without cookies.

So while we don’t have a tool to know whether your partner is actually paying attention to the show or if your kids heard you tell them, for the last time, it’s time to get online for school, Yieldmo’s AEROS Attention Analytics can take the mystery out of understanding attention behavior to optimize and strengthen your campaigns to achieve the KPIs laid out.

To learn more about AEROS Attention Analytics, email info@yieldmo.com.