Technology Format

Scroll and User Interaction

Yieldmo’s first ever patented Format, Hyperscroller, was built on the philosophy that the format should be enjoyable, responsive to user behavior, and maximizes engagement.

As the user scrolls, Hyperscroller fast forwards and rewinds as you slow down.

Each of our Formats was carefully designed with user dynamics and page dynamics in mind, allowing for not only creative flexibility, but a superior ad experience.

Video Effects

Yieldmo has invested in ways to further the video experience on screen. Taking video and combining it with an interactive shopping experience, layering logos that expand in and out to create cinematic mystique, and recreating the social media experience with frictionless high-impact are just some of the ways in which we rethink video on the open web.

Combined with outstream improvements on the back-end that improve video performance, Yieldmo Formats respond to diverse environments dynamically to deliver a seamless user experience and quality ad impressions that generate results.

Enhanced Data Collection

The way Yieldmo Formats were built enabled our Formats to capture more data than the average ad unit. We capture more granular data in real-time not only within the Format itself (example, Megashopper on each pane), but also more advanced user behavior and page data, multiple times a second. Read more in Pinger.