Yieldmo’s attention data tracks evolving consumer interest during quarantine.

As we have all been asked to stay home, it’s no surprise that media consumption is up. New sources for information have increased, and entertainment is up. But, as stay at home orders extend, people’s interests and needs continue to shift.

At Yieldmo we’ve been using our attention analytics to track these shifts, identify pockets of advertising opportunity, and predict where we think attention will move in the future. 

Let’s take a look at some interesting trends, promising verticals and what we think these trends will mean for upcoming events like the NFL Draft.
Pockets of Opportunity:

  • Business and Finance has seen a big drop in CPM, and an increase in attention. This could be a timely opportunity for financial service or insurance advertisers.  Even online education providers might want to think about tapping into this specialized audience. 
  • Real Estate content took a hit at the beginning with attention rates taking a plunge, but attention to real estate content has since doubled in the last two weeks. Are people looking at fantasy properties? Plotting their move to the country?  With CPMs still low and attention bouncing back, Real Estate represents an advertising buying opportunity for CPG, for online retailers or even for automakers and other durable goods manufacturers. 
  • Religion and Spirituality interest is growing and attention rate is increasing while CPMs decrease, representing another opportunity for wellness, health and lifestyle brands looking for people likely to be attuned to their messages. 

ATTENTION and Sport:  Looking Toward the NFL DRAFT given the lack of sports programming, it’s no surprise that attention in sports has dropped precipitously; however, we expect a huge attention spike this weekend for the upcoming NFL Draft (Thursday, April 23 – Saturday April 26). With little competition from other real time sports content, we believe the NFL will get more attention than ever. Last Dance, a documentary on Michael Jordan, garnered the highest viewership of any ESPN documentary ever after moving its air date up from June to last Sunday. Sports fans are hungry for new content to engage them. NFL Draft offers the  opportunity in an otherwise bleak landscape for sports fans to achieve the thrill of real time engagement and time to imagine the future of their favorite team.  

Want to get in on the action?  Contact your Yieldmo rep for help creating and delivering media for Sports and NFL-related content and tune back in as we track how the draft performs and continue to highlight future opportunities.


*Attention is calculated based on Yieldmo’s proprietary Attention Analytics technology, which considers user-initiated gestures such as phone tilts, scrolls with ads in view, and touches of the creative format. Attention rate for content verticals is determined by dividing the total impressions with attention by the total number of impressions.