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Is Yieldmo an exchange?

Yes, but not a traditional ad exchange. Yieldmo offers a private marketplace between buyers and sellers of our custom ad formats. These ad units are available through our managed service or through a real-time bidding (RTB) integration with our platform. Whether you are buying through our managed service or directly through your DSP, a strict vetting process is enforced in order to maintain the highest quality partners for both supply and demand.

About Yieldmo

Yieldmo is a user-centered, design-driven, and data-powered tech company set on redefining digital advertising in the tidal shift of content to mobile web and apps. Yieldmo products help professional publishers monetize their content and help marketers find their customers on mobile.

We aim to eliminate banner ads, pop-ups, “sticky footers,” and other interruptive and disruptive ad experiences. Yieldmo is continuously inventing ad format products that define new paradigms of user interaction on the mobile web and in-app. Our ad formats are uninterruptive and support a user-centric content experience while still performing effectively for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Yieldmo is headquartered in New York City (Chelsea.) We are backed by blue chip investors including Union Square Ventures, Google Ventures, and TimeWarner Investments.

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