Elevating Creative Performance with DFO & AI Series


Advertisers spend a lot of time and resources designing the perfect creative to capture the attention of their target audience. Oftentimes, they leave the very last and critically important step, where the creative and the user finally interact, to chance. 

At this crucial moment exists the creative format, where the user experiences the synthesis of the advertiser’s hard work and planning. The right creative format amplifies, without altering, the core underlying creative, to create a unique interactive experience.

Introducing Yieldmo’s latest whitepaper and three-part blog series, a deep dive into the how and why of incorporating AI into media buys to elevate creative performance, results and proof points demonstrating this method’s value, and actionable next steps to take these learnings into your organization.

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Part 1: Yieldmo’s AI/ML System: Formats & Training Data 

The most important step to tackle the challenge of predicting which ad format is likely to perform best under different conditions is that ML models need a source of feedback that is prevalent and granular (training data). To accomplish this, Yieldmo developed a solution that involves collecting and processing an enormous amount of data. To provide the necessary dataset for machine learning models to find meaningful patterns, Yieldmo embeds a piece of javascript in each ad impression that sends information to our servers, five times per second, about how each user is interacting with the ads. We couple this with data from the bid stream for a complete picture of a users’ experience with the ad.

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Part 2: Yieldmo’s AI/ML System: Modeling, Machine Learning Operations, and Activation

Once we’ve processed, transformed, and loaded all these data into our big data processing tools, we kick off the first stage on our machine learning pipelines. For every individual historical ad event we’ve collected, we need to assign a probability that a user takes some action we care about.  This could be an attentive view, an ad engagement, a click, a video complete, or anything else… because the interaction data we collect are so prevalent and granular, they can be used to predict other high value user actions. 

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Part 3: Yieldmo’s AI/ML System: Dynamic Format Optimization Drives Results

Dynamic Format Optimization (DFO) is the application of machine learning to the real-time creative format challenge. It allows us to optimize the creative format for each ad opportunity. To lower barriers to entry for this new offering, we transform existing creative assets into programmatic-friendly creative formats called Frictionless Formats and then use Yieldmo’s Smart Curation Engine to select the most performant format in real-time, with no additional lift from the advertiser. 

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