Dynamic Format Optimization

Elevate your performance by 30-50%, additive to Smart Curation, with machine-learning backed formats


You’ve heard of dynamic creative optimization, or DCO. This gives the ability to tailor the content of ad creative based on a number of localized factors, like weather, or geography. This is the difference between a national auto manufacturer saying “Test drive at your local dealer” in a TV ad and “Test Drive at Larry H. Miller Jeep at 350 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012” on the web. 

As the world becomes more programmatic and addressability and targeting capabilities shrink, brands are constantly looking for new ways to elevate ad creatives to perform better. So, rather than looking at ways to adjust the creative itself, as with DCO, we asked ourselves, which formats are best for different advertiser goals? 

  • We found that there is no one size fits all approach. The same format performs differently on different pockets of inventory and for different goals!

Then we asked, which formats perform best in which pockets of traffic on a specific campaign with a specific set of goals

From this question, Dynamic Format Optimization (DFO) was born. 

With Dynamic Format Optimization, we determine  in real time what format experience should show on the impression we have predictively curated to match a campaign’s objective. 

We then developed a new class of programmatic-friendly, DSP-hosted creative formats called Frictionless Formats, which are designed to perform better with no additional build-step or custom workflow. 

When you combine DFO with our Frictionless Formats, our Curation Engine is able to select the most performant format in real-time, with no additional lift from the advertiser. 

Since the optimization happens after the impression is won, DFO does not reduce scale or affect spend, it simply performs better.


Our testing shows that we increase click-through rates by up to 30-50%, additive to Smart Curation

Check out our case study HERE

This advanced optimization has historically only been available deep within the walled gardens of the social networks. Yieldmo is breaking down the walls and making it available to all. 

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