1. Navigate to the left side of DV360’s UI and select ‘Inventory’ and then ‘My Inventory’

2. Create a new non-guaranteed inventory source

3. You should see the following setup screen:

Fill in the following info:

  • Deal ID: provided by Yieldmo
  • Exchange: Yieldmo
  • Inventory Format: Display
  • Rate Type: CPM
  • Creative req.: 300×250
  • Rate: provided by Yieldmo
  • Start date: the date you set up the deal
  • End date: leave this open-ended so that you have access to this deal moving forward for as long as you’d like

Since this is private inventory, please make sure nothing is checked within “Public Inventory,” or this will target Open Exchange inventory and not your private deal ID.

Please also make sure to uncheck “Target New Exchanges.”

4. Hit “Save”, then the Deal should appear under “My Inventory”

5. Once you create your deal ID, under “Private Deals,” you should be able to target your Yieldmo-specific deal.

6. You’ll now be able to target your deal ID when setting up your tags!