1. Once creative is approved, Yieldmo will send Deal ID(s), Floor Price(s), and Third Party Display Tag(s). Below is a snapshot of how this will be sent to you.

2. Log into the DataXu UI and create a new campaign

3. Add a new flight that is exclusive to Yieldmo traffic. Yieldmo utilizes a special creative type and attempting to run a Yieldmo creative on an inventory supplier that isn’t Yieldmo will not work.

Things to note:

  • The flight’s media type must be set to “Banner,” regardless of the Yieldmo format that is selected in the Yieldmo Ad Builder.
  • Please contact your DataXu account manager to enable access to the Yieldmo inventory source and input the Deal ID’s provided to you by your Yieldmo representative.

4. In the flight detail view, add the Yieldmo Deal ID in the “Deals” section.

5. Fill in the remaining flight details (targeting, frequency caps, etc.) as normal.

Please note: any targeting that is possible for “traditional” display/mobile/video flights are also available on Yieldmo. This includes retargeting, third party data, and cross device targeting via DataXu OneView.

6. Add your Yieldmo creative to the flight. When adding a Yieldmo creative, you must use the “Detailed Edit” view.

7. Fill in the appropriate creative name and concept. Ensure that “Ad Type” is set to “Banner.” For the creative size, select “Custom Size” and set the size to 136×136. All Yieldmo creatives served through DataXu require this size to be input in the UI, but the tags themselves will render as the size that’s set in Yieldmo’s Ad Builder.

8. Paste the Yieldmo creative tag and uncheck the “Click Tracking” box. _Yieldmo creatives are pre-populated to include DataXu click tracking macros so you do not need to have the UI add more macros._

9. Include any tracking tags (such as DV, IAS, or Moat) in the “Creative Add-On” section. Anything added here will automatically be applied to the Yieldmo tags when they are published on the web.

You do not need to utilize OBA as YieldMo renders the OBA with every creative.

10. Save creatives & go live!