Elevating Creative Performance with Dynamic Format Optimization and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Advertisers spend a lot of time and resources designing the perfect creative to capture the attention of their target audience. Oftentimes, they leave the very last and critically important step, where the creative and the user finally interact, to chance. 

At this crucial moment exists the creative format, where the user experiences the synthesis of the advertiser’s hard work and planning. The right creative format amplifies, without altering, the core underlying creative, to create a unique interactive experience.

Introducing Yieldmo’s latest whitepaper, a deep dive on the how and why of incorporating AI into media buys to elevate creative performance. Download a copy via the form below to learn: 

Why the “last mile” of optimization is such an interesting problem that AI is well-positioned to help solve

Five critical ingredients for building a machine learning (AI) platform to deliver the best format experience for your creative, every time it serves


Actionable next steps to take these learnings into your organization