Contextual Reimagined

Yieldmo has re-engineered contextual to meet the challenges our industry is facing today. By going deeper into understanding how each unique impression behaves and looking for patterns and performance in real time - we can drive real performance gains without relying on audience data.

AEROS Contextual Optimization Engine

AEROS Contextual Optimization Engine takes in the entirety of the advertising opportunity, including signals that are Situational, Topical, Attention-based, Environmental, and is not dependent on cookies or user IDs. We collect hundreds of signals per second to increase the value of addressable and non-addressable inventory.

AEROS campaigns on average show 80%+ cost-adjusted KPI lift

Real-time Optimization

Machine learning tech that's already built into the marketplace. Our predictive analytics optimize toward your KPI without you doing any extra work.

Unique Data Set

Contextual Optimization Engine picks up on swipes, scrolls, expands, touches, tilts, and other signals to train our unique AI algorithms. We capture these combinations of gestures as fluidly as they are happening in real-time, along with everything else that’s happening on the page.


Contextual Optimization Engine optimizes your KPI in real-time, with or without cookies. We’re able to discover and prioritize the most valuable impressions in non-addressable inventory. Contextual Optimization Engine also gives you smart recommendations on placement, frequency, creative, and other campaign dimensions. Complementary to your audience strategy, you can find users you may be missing.

The intersection of the highest performing audience and inventory. Inventory signals and predictive modeling identify the best KPI delivering impressions, period.