Check Out These Deals For Your Upcoming Holiday Campaigns


If there is one thing COVID has shown us, we are attempting to do more in a day, with fewer resources than ever before, AND expect better results. This is especially true as you look to the second half of 2021 with budget limitations, campaign-specific creatives or looking for opportunities around a specific holiday. We knew we needed to offer a solution that would help you access the right inventory without creating a unique inventory package every time — This is why we created our Deals.

Our Deals are pre-curated PMPs, optimized for your campaign-specific KPI. This means that as you’re planning for holidays such as Back to School, Halloween, or Cyber Monday, we have created turn-key deals with retail inventory, lifestyle inventory, and holiday content to help you deliver stronger campaign results with less hassle, all while maintaining access to a quality, safe supply.

Next, we made it even easier to get your campaigns in-market with our Frictionless Formats such as Web Story, Big Ticker, and Billboard. Allowing you to use traditionally digital native and video assets to create high-impact executions quickly, with little to no lift on your end.

Our Frictionless Formats are exchange-traded, which means your creative can be hosted on the DSP level, so all the hard work has already been done for you.  

All deals are enhanced with next-generation formats and AEROS optimization to easily and instantly turn on campaigns and start testing results. Some of the benefits include:

  • Superior Quality: Premium, brand-safe, fraud-free inventory
  • Precise: We find the optimal combinations of impression attributes to target and uncover efficient pockets of high-performance inventory that standard targeting might miss
  • Optimize: We apply machine learning to model all the attributes of the impression, granular page signals and user signals to reliably boost CTR, VCR, viewability, and other KPIs at scale
  • Real time: We constantly feed in new signals & results to select better inventory on the fly

To activate these pre-curated Holiday deals, select them in the DV360 UI or reach out to the team here to transfer them to your DSP of choice.