Elevating Creative Performance with DFO & AI Series

Elevating Creative Performance with DFO & AI Series SHARE Advertisers spend a lot of time and resources designing the perfect creative to capture the attention of their target audience. Oftentimes, they leave the very last and critically important step, where the creative and the user finally interact, to chance.  At this crucial moment exists the […]

Yieldmo Partner Synchronization Tag

Yieldmo Partner Synchronization Tag The Yieldmo Partner Synchronization Tag (Sync Tag) allows Yieldmo to map user identities with partners in browser-based environments. The tag is independent of ad serving and can be deployed on each publisher page, or subset of pages. The tag will initiate a synchronization after the initial page load is complete, waiting […]

Optimize spend instantly through Yieldmo High-Impact PMPs

Activate for Significant KPI Lift: Yieldmo High-Impact PMPs are designed for performance. Each PMP is built with three key components that make it the most effective way to reach your audience. AEROS Attention Analytics: AI models trained to lift KPIs Next-Gen Formats: Captures more attention and data to optimize Smart Inventory: Selects optimal impressions with […]