Rebooting Context in the Era of Creativity


Rebooting Context in the Era of Creativity SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Is the pendulum on the great debate of data vs creativity swinging to back a balance? Is there now an opportunity, with cookies going away that context and moments of connection with consumers will become more accurate, relevant […]

Featured Recipe: Lily’s Long Island Iced Tea


Lily’s Long Island Iced Tee SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Try this classy Lily’s Long Island Iced Tea recipe! Here are all the ingredients you need and how to make this classic cocktail…the best way.  Instructions Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour the vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Triple Sec, […]

Yieldmo Deals


Deals for Buyers SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Yieldmo Deals We’ve made media buying easier by curating our most effective inventory into high performing deals that leverage the data and format advantages of the Yieldmo exchange. Yieldmo Deals have all of the benefits of the Yieldmo Smart Exchange, now extended […]

Add Yieldmo as a demand partner in Google Open Bidding Onboard Online workflow


AdMob and Google Ad Manager publishers can now transact with demand sources through Open Bidding via a streamlined onboarding process – an easy-to-use online application form and contract. Publisher Benefits Unlock new revenue streams by accessing Yieldmo as a demand partner through Google Ad Manager or AdMob. Simply fill out the application form, and once […]

Yieldmo Frictionless Formats Part Two


  High Impact meets Programmatic Scale The benefits of high impact, instantly. Yieldmo is proud to unveil visually stunning, page-enhancing ad formats that are ready to use – with no extra work or creative lead time. Perfect for eCommerce, luxury, and other brand stories meant to make a big splash. Seamless Transformation These formats are […]

Featured Recipe: Mike’s Classic Caipirinha Recipe


A refreshing cocktail we simply adore. This cocktail is very simple to prepare, and it requires only a few ingredients. Ingredients 1/2 lime 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 teaspoons superfine sugar, to taste 2 ounces cachaça Lime wheel, for garnish Ice Steps to Make It 1. Gather the ingredients. 2. Cut half of a lime into […]

Working from Home: Better Posture for Better Health


As we recognize the first anniversary of the country’s first stay-at-home orders, the way we work has fundamentally changed. Many companies, including Yieldmo, are moving toward a workplace model that embraces asynchronous work and working from anywhere policies. We’re no longer bound by geography to bring the most talented people together to help our clients […]

Yieldmo Partners with The Trade Desk to Support Unified ID 2.0


What is Unified ID 2.0? Unified ID 2.0 is a new solution to identity, no longer relying on 3rd party cookies and instead using opt-in encrypted email addresses. This is an open-source identity solution that operates from a single click sign-on – once the consumer has opted in with their email address on a webpage, […]