Smarter Campaigns

AEROS Attention Analytics is designed to improve your KPIs. AEROS picks up on human attention signals multiple times a second, factors them into unique AI algorithms, and automatically optimizes your media performance. Why settle for anything less than optimal performance? Gain valuable insights and spend your ad dollars more efficiently with an AEROS PMP.

Capture Real
Human Attention

You know your ads were delivered to your target audience - now it’s time to find out if your audience merely viewed the ad or actually reacted to it.

Your Brand

Give your customers and prospects the advertising experience they deserve. Our next-gen formats capture more attention and create enjoyable brand experiences.

Make Smarter

AEROS optimizes your KPI in real-time, with or without cookies. AEROS also gives you smart recommendations on placement, frequency, creative, and other campaign dimensions

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AI models: predict valuable segments and optimize multiple variables (placement, creative)

Smart inventory selection based on deep page, user, and creative metadata.

Unparalleled Capabilities
Real-time Data Set

• Attention rates: deep insight into user behavior
• Demographic, time-in-view, frequency analysis and visualization
• Audience segments: increase retargeting pool and associate high-value users to direct campaigns

Unparalleled Capabilities
Real-time Data Set

• High-impact video, display, and native ad units capture attention and qualified consumers
• Captures more data for optimization
• Visually appealing and enhances user experience

The AEROS Advantage Let us do all the work - if you’re already running on the Yieldmo Marketplace, simply use an AEROS PMP to optimize. What happens when someone is interested? Often, you will see this person bring the phone closer to his or her face (tilt) as well as scroll, stop the scroll, or scroll back. We call this combination of actions the “Scrilt.” AEROS picks up on swipes, scrolls, expands, touches, tilts and other signals to train our unique AI algorithms. We capture these combinations of gestures as fluidly as they are happening in real-time. We also capture everything else that happens while the ad is on the page and plug all of the data into our AI algorithms. Our predictive analytics optimize toward your KPI without you doing any extra work. And it works with or without cookies

Put your Spend
Where it Matters

AEROS Attention Analytics is made for smart brands who want to improve ad performance for high-value campaigns as well as improve the overall ad experience for their users. Our data connects you with your audiences even more closely. But more than that, it’s a long-term investment uncovering insights that will ultimately strengthen your business.