In light of Chrome’s recent announcement that they will entirely eliminate 3rd party cookies as well as Safari’s stance on 3rd party cookies, targeting alternatives are becoming increasingly important.

The ad industry is investing in ways to replace the cookie (with initiatives like Project Rearc) and looking for optimization less reliant on audience-based marketing (such as contextual and behavioral-based strategies). As the industry evolves, Yieldmo is committed to furthering open source industry initiatives as well as adding new, improved ways to power advertising.

Expanding Beyond User-based Targeting

While user-based targeting is a core part of most marketplaces, the Yieldmo Marketplace has also focused on other elements of standout advertising: formats, creative and great placements. To that end, Yieldmo has invested in alternative ways to address audiences.

We’re Innovating Primarily Around Two Approaches:

  • Privacy-friendly solutions (behavioral and contextual)
  • Real-time targeting based on gestural data

Our close publisher relationships and deep tech stack allow us to tailor ads on a very granular level – for example, one placement vs. another, so advertisers know exactly where they appear on the page and which parts of the page perform for them.

Our tech also measures how consumers interact with ads multiple times a second. With this data we illuminate a detailed understanding of individual ad performance and use these insights for optimization.

AEROS Attention Analytics: More Comprehensive than Cookie-based Strategies

Beyond cookie-based optimization, we looked at other ways to gain ad interaction. We use AI to analyze millions of gestural data points and drive better advertising performance.

AEROS Attention Analytics optimizes to KPI regardless of user data with inventory hooks and predictive data insights associated to creative and inventory. This is more robust than solely audience-based strategies, and a great way to monetize non-addressable inventory today.

AEROS can even capture actionable information in the bidstream as well as on the impression to understand page characteristics. We train our algorithms with the best and most complete information possible to achieve better performance.

Deep publisher integrations combined with AEROS can be a great alternative to cookie-based advertising.

Optimizing For True Outcomes

At Yieldmo we focus on business outcomes, not just audience strategies. Investing in these areas brings us closer to the value of an impression and attention in real-time. Our learnings help predict and optimize future advertising spend.

We believe that changes to the cookie make this a great time for brands to expand beyond last-click attribution and start thinking more about the upper funnel. We believe this will help brands build over the long haul.