AEROS identified thousands of attentive users from GE Appliances’ original, upper-funnel campaign and created a robust segment of interested users. Yieldmo then retargeted these attentive users with the action-focused Feature unit.

Results: Had we relied solely on click-based retargeting, the segment generated would only have contained 11k users. However, by leveraging user attention data, AEROS identified a segment of 545k users, 50x larger than the clicker pool generated. Retargeting users based on active attention signals led GE Appliances’ AEROS line items to exceed our format benchmark by 100%. We also saw that unique user CTR was significantly higher with the retargeted Feature unit (1.28%) compared to the original campaigns (0.28%).

While the main focus was CTR, we also saw a significant increase in the active attention rate when comparing GE Appliances’ contextual line items to their AEROS retargeting campaign. We saw a 45% increase in overall attention rate when retargeting GE Appliances’ AEROS segment.