Yieldmo has always been committed to privacy-friendly solutions beyond the traditional third-party cookie, such as behavioral and contextual solutions.

With the ad industry furthering cookieless solutions (with initiatives like Project Rearc), Yieldmo aims to help support solutions that empower privacy and transparency across the open web.

What is the Unified ID?

The Unified ID, created by the Trade Desk, was created to help match audience data across publishers, buyers, exchanges, and data partners. Using one universal ID can help improve bid rate, fill, and CPMs by allowing buyers to find and compete for more of their desired audiences. The single sync is also more efficient than having the same call repeated by publisher monetization partners.

The Unified ID is the most commonly used ID in the Prebid User ID module and is recommended by Yieldmo for the value it has shown to our content partners.

Publisher Benefits

Unified ID 2.0

The Trade Desk is updating its solution to adapt to a cookieless environment, using encrypted email addresses. This will connect what is the currently most common digital ad ID to people rather than anonymous users. It is open-source, with consumer privacy controls.

Yieldmo supports Unified ID and its future versions, as we aim to work together to create more value for publishers and advertisers.

For more information on implementing the Unified ID or questions on Prebid, please contact pubdev@yieldmo.com.