Yieldmo’s Home Sanity Savers (Midwest & West)

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One thing that brings us comfort amongst all of the unknown, is the support we have found in our Yieldmates. We know this is a difficult and uncertain time, so please know that we are here for you! We’ve shared a short list of some of our favorite things helping us get through… See below our team’s “Home […]

Let us help you update your creative assets

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You may have video assets that you’re not running in the current environment. Yieldmo can quickly convert your video assets into high-impact formats, so you can continue to run the same ad with an updated visual to reflect the times. Please reach out to sales@yieldmo.com and learn how our in house design team can help update […]

Yieldmo is here to help: additional services to support your business

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Yieldmo is here for you and committed to your business. In trying times, we’re providing extra services and tools to help you succeed. Creative Services Free Creative Services to build your campaign – Video, Native, Display, High Impact Quick creative turnaround – 24h to 48h As many revisions as reasonably needed In-house, nimble team of […]

Meet our new coworkers!

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During this time, Team Yieldmo has become a fully distributed workforce. While some of us are still adjusting working from home, it’s safe to say our pets sure are happy! As a pet-friendly office, we all miss our fellow (human) Yieldmates, but we miss our furry coworkers even more! We asked our team to share […]

Tim Price Talks About The Scrilt

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Do you know what a Scrilt is? Hint: it’s a combination of two words and actions you’re very familiar with and likely do on a day-to-day basis. Tim Price, SVP Sales at Yieldmo breaks it down for us and talks about how we can use real human signals of attention to increase ad performance. This […]

Featured Recipe: Ollie Fashioned

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Background & History The Old Fashioned is a classic, and apparently one of the oldest cocktails. It’s also easy to make and can be enjoyed in almost any setting. We decided to give this cocktail a twist – dubbing it the “Ollie Fashioned” after another one of our office regulars, Ollie! – Ingredients 2 oz […]

Lisa Bradner Talks About Why Measuring Attention is Important for the Ad Industry

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Lisa Bradner, GM of Analytics at Yieldmo talks about the relationship between attention and timing, creative, brand awareness, and why it’s an important metric for the ad industry. This is Video 4 of a 6 part series exploring Attention as a new media metric. Check out the other videos in the series: Video 1: What […]

How Would You Use Attention Data?

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Here is the final video of our 3-part series on attention – industry leaders dive deep into how they would use data on whether someone paid attention to an ad. This is Video 3 of a 6 part series exploring Attention as a new media metric. Check out the other videos in the series: Video […]

The Silver Screen goes to the Small Screen – Oscars 2020

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This week we are looked at another American household entertainment favorite – The Oscars – to see how TV spend drives attention on the small screen. Though the Oscars audience was smaller than the Super Bowl, it is still considered a marquis live event for advertisers where 30-second spots cost up to $2.8 million. Using […]

What is the Value of Attention?

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We brought back some of our favorite industry leaders like Lori Tavoularis (SVP, Digital Revenue & Operations, Nexstar), Pranav Chandrasekhar (Programmatic Partnerships Lead, Watson Advertising, IBM) and Will Won (Director, Revenue & Business Development, Vox Media), and more on what they think is so important about attention. This is Video 2 of a 6 part series exploring […]