Leading audiobook service doubles CTR without lifting a finger
with Yieldmo’s Dynamic Format Optimization



A leading audiobook service selected Yieldmo as a partner to drive CTR. The brand’s goal was to test new ways to drive traffic and subscriptions with high–quality media and engaging creative formats.

It wanted a partner that could enhance its existing creative in an efficient way to drive real consumer behavior. 

To do so, the brand used Yieldmo’s Dynamic Format Optimization (DFO) technology to determine in real time which creative format experience to utilize on each impression to reach its KPI. 

Dynamic Format Optimization works by taking Yieldmo’s suite of programmatic-friendly creative formats called Frictionless Formats, and uses Yieldmo’s Contextual Curation Engine to select the most performant format in real-time, with no additional lift from the advertiser. The assets remain DSP hosted and there is no additional build-step or custom workflow. Since the optimization happens after the impression is won, dynamic format optimization does not reduce scale or affect spend, it simply performs better.



The audiobook service ran a campaign that combined Yieldmo’s Frictionless Formats and machine learning-driven curation technology to determine the best format to pair with the creative on each impression.


The campaign doubled the client’s click-through-rate (CTR). Through this campaign, Yieldmo proved that using technology, it can more effectively find the places where high-conversion occurs and drive more CTR on the creative they show in those places.

This advanced optimization has historically only been available deep within the walled gardens of the social networks, and Yieldmo is now making it available programmatically on the open web. 

Contact your sales@yieldmo.com to activate it today.