May Attention Trends

In these challenging and unprecedented times we find that so many of our normal habits have changed. The amount of time we spend consuming digital information is no exception. In fact, as we continue to monitor which verticals consumers are spending their time and giving their attention, it begins to tell us stories and gives us important data points which marketers can use to find their consumers and even find some financial favorable opportunities.

Below is what we saw changed from April to May, showing that even though advertising overall is down, consumers are active and giving their attention in places we might not think to find them.

Below are the verticals where we saw higher than average levels of attention being given with lower than average CPMs: Family & Parenting, Retail, and Sports verticals, while CPMs decreased (show visually)


April to May

And also worth noting as there was significant reviewed interest in these verticals where Attention went up and CPMs remained steady or slightly increased.