What is attention?

A valuable resource, but not always easy to capture.

Our data scientists understand that attention can be dynamic depending on the consumer, the brand, and the creative. And so we took these principles, captured the raw data, and put our machine learning tech to work. For the first time, you have a glimpse into exactly what happens between the view and the click.

AEROS Attention Analytics tracks micro-interactions – how consumers are interacting with an ad multiple times a second. From the tilt of a person’s phone to scrolling back over the ad, we provide an inside look on the true signals of someone’s attention, beyond viewability.

And we built a product that lets you harness these intelligent data sets and insights for unlimited optimization power.

Transcend business goals with the power of attention analytics.

Understand Consumer Attention

We look at a myriad of real-time signals (scrolls, tilts, touches, swipes, video completes) to figure out how much interest an ad generated – where, to which audiences, and when. With hundreds of data points, we’re able to provide multi-dimensional reporting on media and creatives – so you can understand attention from every angle.

Grow Your Audiences

Get to know your audience on a deeper level. We tell you which audiences paid attention to your ads and which didn’t. We make it easy to find exponentially larger audiences to target than the traditional click-based approach. Leverage our data to gain deeper knowledge of the user experience to tailor campaigns that capture interest in the critical moments.

Optimize Intelligently

With our machine learning technology, we’ll be a partner for improving all aspects of your brand’s performance. Whether it’s testing creatives or frequency, it’s easier than ever to see the levers. Discover new strategies for lifting brand awareness or driving more conversions, online or in-store. Paired with Yieldmo’s engaging Video, Native, and Display Formats, rest assured that your media dollars are going toward the right places.

Strengthen Your Business

What makes our tech so unique? Our science is so precise that we measure metrics like pixel-seconds and micro-time in view. Our signals can be applied beyond our marketplace and creatives–wherever you run your media. This enables you to study your business at scale and strategize for new scenarios holistically. Let the power of our data be a window into areas of your business you’ve never analyzed before. And lead the way into a new consumer-focused era.

Put us to the test. See what AEROS Attention Analytics can do for your business.