In 2020, we’re working hard to make attention actionable for the industry. Here are the highlights of 2019 and what you can expect from Yieldmo in 2020. Hope you’re as excited as we are heading into the new decade!

Yieldmo Year in Review 2019: Highlights

Aeros Attention Analytics for Yieldmo Marketplace

In 2019, we infused attention analytics into impressions that ran through the Yieldmo Marketplace to improve campaign performance and gain new insights.

High Impact Ad format Innovation

We released Video outstream products and programmatic capabilities to bring new efficiencies to video.

Expansion of the Yieldmo Marketplace

We expanded formats, supply and analytics to desktop and in-app. We also became strategic partners for major buyers and DSPs such as OMG and Publicis.


What to Expect in 2020: Year of Attention

AEROS Attention Analytics suite of products

In 2020 we’ll take the power of AEROS Attention Analytics and expand our suite of products for the rest of the industry. In addition to cookie-less optimization, we’ll provide publishers and brands with tools on or off the marketplace. 

Video Innovation

We’re innovating on new, engaging video formats and expanding video supply. We’re also doubling down on video analytics to drive better VCR across the industry,   

International Growth

We’ll be rolling out our supply and capabilities internationally, and on additional platforms and environments.

More to come on all of these items in 2020!