What We Do

Yieldmo's Smart Exchange harnesses the power of Contextual Reimagined. We go beyond keywords and content to analyze all the contextual signals available when an ad is served: situational, topical, environmental and attention signals.We analyze those signals in real time to optimize your media so you only bid on the impressions likely to deliver your goals.

Yieldmo delivers better media, powered by machine learning to make intelligent buying decisions in real-time. The Yieldmo Smart Exchange works with and without cookies or user IDs so brands can reach the broadest audience possible and publishers can share the value of all their impressions.


Powered by advanced contextual signals, Smart Exchange matches publishers and buyers for better performance and yield.


AEROS Contextual Optimization Engine differentiates impressions in real-time.


Highly curated, quality addressable and non-addressable inventory. Leverage always-on or customized deals - no cookies required.

Ad Formats

Put your brand front and center with creative ad formats that engage consumers and capture more signal.

Integrated Buying

Yieldmo's SSP is integrated with all major DSPs, available through OX, PMP Deals, Managed Service.

Premium Publishers

High whitelist overlaps, brand-safe, and viewable

Trusted By

"With the results of our optimized campaign with Yieldmo, we definitely saw the significance of evaluating contextual data as a measure of intent and interest in our mobile efforts.​"

- Leading Streaming Service

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