Customers are signaling
their interest.

Now you can
act on it.

The vast majority of mobile transactions occur without a single click. So, just how did your marketing influence all those “viewable impressions?”

There’s a world of undiscovered information between the view and the click—the campaign metrics you rely on today. It’s called engagement and it’s full of powerful signals of customer interest.

Our highly-engaging ad formats elicit intentional interactions—swipes, scrolls, tilts, plays, lingers, and more. This previously unavailable gestural data delivers the truth about where customers are on their path-to-purchase. And when it’s paired with your existing customer dataset, it reveals a universe of possibilities.

Welcome to the engagement revolution.

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How it works

The most powerful
dataset, unleashed.

The world’s first Engagement Management Platform (EMP™) reveals what matters to people, what piques curiosity, what triggers a second—even third—glance. But the EMP does more than just show you how interested people are—it uses this truth to drive more impactful marketing.

The Yieldmo EMP is a self-service system for creating, managing, and analyzing human intent—at scale. Here are just a few ways our data can boost your campaign performance:

>> Campaigns, Optimized

From viewability to sales, your users’ engagements power our machine learning models and let you reach just the right people—the people that will take action.

>> Viewability, Activated

The EMP does more than just report on viewability—it lets you act on it. Our data deconstructs viewability down to the pixel, giving you the power to reconnect with fractional viewers.

>> Attention, Captured

With formats designed for intentional interaction, you’re able to maximize time spent with your brand. Yieldmo’s machine learning optimization puts your message in the right audiences’ hands.

>> Frequency, Managed

When you know the details of customer interest, you can do away with arbitrary frequency caps. The Yieldmo EMP reaches audiences that are ready to see another ad while suppressing those who will never push play.

Take your existing marketing tools to
the next level.

We’ve built the Yieldmo EMP to integrate seamlessly into your existing marketing tools. From DSPs to DMPs and CDPs, Yieldmo’s proprietary engagement data can be imported, exported, and put to work to drive the results your brand needs.

Ready to engage?

The Yieldmo EMP is currently available for private alpha customers only. To schedule your demo contact us here:

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