Beyond The Click

GE Appliances exceeds CTR Benchmark by 100% Through Active Engagement Retargeting

Yieldmo Welcomes Sergei Izrailev and David Moore to Power New Active Engagement Audience and Analytics Capabilities

Yieldmo, the leader in engagement-powered mobile advertising, is proud and excited to welcome two new members to the team this week.

A Better Signal: Active Engagement

Now, viewability is important, but it’s ultimately just a delivery metric. Was my ad able to be seen? If so, the delivery was successful. But viewability still can’t tell you if this was the right ad for the right person in the right place at the right time. It’s not a metric for efficacy.

Welcome to the FAM

Feature Ads Of The Month

Taking viewability to the next level with frequency management

Say you’re a media planner who just wrapped a digital campaign, and that the overall viewability rate for the campaign was 72%. High fives all around, right?

Welcoming 3 New Members to the Yieldmo Team

We are thrilled to welcome three advertising technology superstars to our team - Timothy Price, Elizabeth Denworth and Brad Timmers.

Yieldmo’s Multi-format Spring Campaign On Point for Mega-Retailer

One of the nation’s largest retailers was looking for compelling ways to reach their target audiences contextually to drive sales during the Spring season. We leveraged Yieldmo’s patented ad-formats, all created with the consumer experience and brand equity in mind.

TBT in the Fight Against Enraging Mobile Ad Experiences: The First Engagement Format

In 2012, we launched our first mobile ad format, which encouraged mobile users to engage with ads in a way that was intuitive yet unconventional ...

The Critical Stop on an Auto Buyers’ Path-to-Purchase

In marketing land, automotive folks are among the savviest in a very savvy crew. They’re often the first to adopt & embrace the technological advances that enrich consumer experiences, and they’re the first to ditch those that alienate.

Think Programmatic = Static Banners 4 Life? Then we’re about to make your day.

Maybe you know us for our custom, consumer-centric mobile ad experiences. But a big secret to our success? Our premium private marketplace.

A Letter From Our CEO, Mike Yavonditte

Until today, the best that marketers could hope for was to know that their ads were clicked on, or that they were viewable. We've been working hard to take things to the next level. *Introducing the world's first Engagement Management Platform (EMP)™.*

Killer Abs Take 60 Seconds; Attention - Locking Video Ads Take Just 6

The time it took you to read that headline? That’s about all you’ve got with your video creative. Six-Second Video Ads are where it’s at.

Turbo your auto: Results-driven mobile marketing

Peak season for auto demand means it is particularly critical for your ads to cut through the clutter and connect with potential customers. The good news? Yieldmo is here to help.

A Refreshing Approach to Mobile Advertising

Engaging, user-friendly, mobile ad formats drive 32% higher likelihood to purchase for a top beverage brand.

Using Signals of intent to Drive Higher Attention

Yieldmo’s highly-engaging ad formats elicit intentional interactions—swipes, scrolls, tilts, plays, lingers, and more.

Jeremy Steinberg Joins Yieldmo as Chief Revenue Officer

Yieldmo, the leader in engagement-powered mobile advertising, has appointed Jeremy Steinberg as Chief Revenue Officer. Steinberg most recently led the advertising division of The Weather Company and played an important role in their acquisition by IBM in 2015.

Google Chrome Ad Blocker: Rest Assured with Yieldmo

On February 15th, Google Chrome will release a built-in ad blocker that works across both desktop and mobile devices and that will automatically block any ad that violates the standards released by the CBA. Rest assured. 100% of Yieldmo’s ad formats are fully compliant with these standards. Always have been. Always will be.

The Truth About Patriots Fans Revealed through Ad Engagement

Last Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles claimed their first Super Bowl victory. While many doubted the underdog, they were able to hold onto the lead long enough for the big win. We showed you that Philadelphia's traffic and engagement with ads surged on Sports sites leading up to the game, but what were fans' mobile behaviors during the game?

Understanding Fans' Excitement Through Engagement Data

Both the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles have enthusiastic fans. But, what do these fans' behavior with mobile ads reveal about which team actually has more excited supporters? We dug into our massive dataset to find out.

Redesigning Super Bowl Ads for Engagement

As we prepare for the Super Bowl, we remixed some of the best past ads into Yieldmo's interactive mobile formats. The results? A touchdown for creativity.

Evidence that engagement drives performance and efficiency

Significantly higher click-through rate? Entirely within reach with the Yieldmo Engagement Score.

Just How Engaging Is The iPhone X?

With iPhone X devices flooding the market, we wanted to understand how the users of these devices are behaving and what this means for advertisers. Are iPhone X users engaging more or less with ads, compared to users on older iPhone models?

The Case for View-through Attribution

With 4-out-of-5 consumers relying on their mobile phone to shop for products, mobile devices remain a critical research tool. Mobile-optimized sites have increased the ease of mobile shopping, leading to higher percentages of eCommerce revenue coming from mobile each year. But while mobile has certainly enabled

Mobile Shoppers: Who Are They?

The 2017 holiday shopping season is already breaking records, with mobile accounting for 33.1% of the $6.59B spent on Cyber Monday—a 39.2% increase from 2016. To understand this behavior, we dug deep into our extensive engagement database to reveal the truth behind what drives mobile shopping. 

Yieldmo Ranked in the Top 10% of Fastest Growing North American Companies on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500™

Yieldmo ranked number 45 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. Yieldmo grew 3,657%...

Measuring Outcomes and Audiences in a (Mostly) Cookieless Mobile World

Yieldmo Dragonfly™ enables more accurate campaign measurement and efficiency by powering our ability to attribute conversions (via a Yieldmo pixel placed on check-out pages, product pages, etc.) to Yieldmo ad exposures and our ability to analyze which audience segments...

Yieldmo Furthers Its Lead as the Largest Independent Mobile Marketplace in the U.S.

According to comScore, Yieldmo has a verified actual reach of more than 141 million unique mobile visitors - roughly 80% of the addressable market in the U.S. - making it the largest independent network in the U.S. behind Google, Facebook, Amazon...

West Coast vs. East Coast

Our latest insight, powered by RaptTM, exposes another reality about our favorite (friendly) rivalry — West Coast vs. East Coast

You Complete Me (Most In The Morning)

Is late night where all the (video) action is? We tackled this question head-on and analyzed more than 12M outstream video impressions from our Hyperplay and Windowplay mobile formats.

Pull Up a Side of Meatballs

With the increase in the number of campaigns utilizing the Pull format, the A|B Testing Lab decided to start experimenting to see if we could improve performance even more.

Showdown: Pre-roll v. Outstream

Mobile outstream video offers a more respectful user experience than pre-roll and demands that success be measured by engagement, not just completed views.

Study: 66% of Consumers Want Better-Designed Mobile Ad Formats (and Your Brand Should Too)

Our research shows two-thirds of consumers prefer better-designed mobile ad experiences and find the current state of mobile ads to be frustrating, disruptive and boring.

Mobile Engagement: Measuring Metrics Before the Click

As brand marketers continue to shift budgets from desktop to mobile, many of them are also porting over the exact same measurement mentality around “the click.” Brand Marketers should optimize for mobile engagement over clicks (and by doing so they’ll actually get both).

Multi-size Ad Request Support In Google AMP

Since our early commitment to Google’s AMP project, Yieldmo has continued to contribute to this meaningful initiative in pursuit of offering consumers an optimal experience across the mobile web. Recently, the Yieldmo Delivery and AMP teams partnered together to develop a solution to the problems caused by multi-size ad requests.

IAB Announces New Ad Portfolio to Better UX

This week, the IAB announced a new ad portfolio at IAB MIXX, an annual conference on digital advertising’s new world order. The imbalance between the prevalence of mobile in today’s media mix and the reign of bad ad formats and the subsequent rise of ad blocking has led to an industry reinventing itself.

Yieldmo Partners With Moat to Build a Foundation for Advancing Mobile Ad Attention and Engagement Metrics

Yieldmo and Moat have partnered to measure viewability and to build a broader foundation for mobile-specific user engagement metrics, which help paint a truer picture of how consumers are paying attention to media campaigns beyond clicks and impressions.

Balancing Search, Social, and Editorial for Mobile Marketers

Marketers ought to leverage the signals of intent from search and social while also accessing high-quality publisher content with user-friendly mobile ad formats.

Is Less Viewable Mobile Ad Inventory Actually More Valuable For Brand Marketers?

Contrary to popular belief, viewability rates in mobile advertising might not be the end-all, be-all metric for advertisers and agencies.

Better Mobile Ad Formats Can Save the Free Web

In an era where the revenue and experience of publishers’ owned and operated pages are threatened by ad blocking and walled-garden platforms, better mobile ad products can help keep editorial experience great and raise marketer demand for great publisher pages.

The Last Days of the Interstitial

The digital ad industry still propagates formats consumers hate — not just interstitials but ‘sticky’ banners and video ads that pop-up in the content stream — because they perform “well.” And that isn’t good for anybody. Every stakeholder — publishers, marketers, readers — agrees we need to find a better way. At Yieldmo, that’s precisely what we’re doing.

Premium Outstream: User-centric Mobile Video

Brands can’t get enough mobile video advertising. Demand is off the charts — eMarketer expects mobile video ad spend to increase 47% to $4.24B this year alone — and as a result the premium pre-roll well is drying up.

TheStreet Ditches Banners, Doubles Down on Yieldmo

We build mobile ads for human beings with the goal of changing the mobile advertising landscape for the better. The first publisher to embrace our philosophy back in 2012 was TheStreet and today we’re thrilled to announce we have expanded that partnership to new heights.

Yieldmo and AMP: A Speedy and Seamless Mobile User Experience

We all know that waiting for slow mobile web pages to load is beyond irritating. Yieldmo has always been focused on improving the user experience of publisher content on mobile.

Using Share Links as Destination URLs

By learning how to leverage ‘share urls’, you can add enormous value to a Yieldmo campaign. An easy to assemble url can help turn an ad click into a brand related tweet, a facebook like, and much more!

iOS 9 Will Make mCommerce Easier

Here at Yieldmo, we have been working with marketers since day one. It may come as no surprise that potential customers who see ads on their mobile devices will switch to desktop to complete a purchase.

The Connected Consumer

Our mobile devices are with us everywhere we go. We expect to access free content in the moment and on the go. Although being a major part of our content experience, mobile ads rarely make a connection with us.

Welcome to the Yieldmo Mobile & Data Hacks

We all know that the content that we consume via our mobile devices are often subsidized by the advertising revenue. But people hate ads…but want their content for free. Yieldmo is working to solve this problem by creating a better ad experience through design and data.

Matching Custom Colors in Ad Builder

One of the great things about Yieldmo’s ad formats is their level of customization. For instance, many formats allow you to customize text, background or button colors. However, what do you do when you don’t have the code for a particular color you’re trying to match?

A/B Testing at Yieldmo

Optimizing our mobile ad formats to guarantee the maximum yield.

VentureBeat Covers Release Of Yieldmo Ad Builder

Barry Levine, senior writer on marketing tech at VentureBeat, has the scoop on Yieldmo Ad Builder.

Yieldmo Ad Builder Reduces Mobile Ad Dev Time From Weeks To Minutes

Yieldmo’s Ad Builder tool has officially launched this week, allowing ad agencies and publishers to design a mobile ad prototype in just minutes.

Yieldmo’s Women in Tech: #SizzlingTechSeries Event

Last Wednesday, Yieldmo hosted the second of our “Women in Tech: Sizzling Summer Tech Series” events, #WomenCrushWednesday

AdExchanger Highlights Yieldmo’s New comScore Ranking

comScore’s inaugural Mobile Metrix Mobile Ad Network report results

comScore’s Mobile Metrix Report Reveals Yieldmo’s Reach

As an early client for Mobile Metrix Mobile Ad Network reporting, Yieldmo has demonstrated an actual reach of ad impressions delivered of more than 100 million smartphone users

VentureBeat Exclusive Reports on Yieldmo’s Ad Format Lab

An ambitious effort to reinvent mobile advertising is taking place in the Chelsea section of New York City

Big Data vs. Milton Glaser

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be a student and an employee of Milton Glaser

VentureBeat Interview on 5 Keys to the Future of Mobile Touts Yieldmo

Ads: Another area that no one has completely cracked.

Editor & Publisher Magazine Reviews How Yieldmo Benefits Publishers

“Saving the world from bad mobile ads”

AdExchanger Ranks Yieldmo’s Hyperscroller Among Most Innovative Ad Formats

Yieldmo: Scroll When it comes to ad units, Yieldmo is all about creativity

Top 5 Mobile Ad Experiments of 2014

2014 was another momentous year in mobile. Mobile apps overtook PCs in terms of US Internet usage, and for the first time smartphones drove more than half of post-Thanksgiving online shopping

Designing for Small

There is a temptation when your brain is full of grand scales to view design as if it is some sort of alchemy, where we can turn a few experiences into one-size-fits-all gold. If you want to solve a big problem, solve it small first

Bloomberg Lists Yieldmo In Machine Intelligence Landscape Report

Machine intelligence has recently exploded and is transforming existing industries and also likely creating entirely new ones

AlleyWatch Ranks Yieldmo’s Founder Among NYC Startup Founders to Watch For in 2015

Michael Yavonditte Yieldmo, CEO Yieldmo is saving the world from bad mobile ads

Holiday Season Advertising 101

You may have heard about the colossal Singles’ Day holiday sales that takes place in China every year

Apple iOS 8 Early Adopters Are 43% More Likely to Complete a Mobile Ad Transaction

From #bendgate to #hairgate to a sluggish iOS 8 rollout, Apple has generated some problematic headlines of late

Re/code Covers Our $10M Series C Round

Mobile ad startup Yieldmo, which says it can make ads that both marketers and phone users like, has raised another $10 million

Gigaom Covers Our $8M Series B Round

Google Ventures just invested in a competitor to AdSense by leading an $8-million financing round in a New York-based mobile advertising startup called YieldMo